Looking For The Best Back to School Student Laptop Deals

It’s that time of year.

September is fast approaching which means if you’re a student you’ll be back in school soon; if you haven’t returned already. The years are long since gone when back to school meant simply packing a lunch, (or having mom do it for you) throwing your textbooks, notebooks, pencils and other simple necessities into a book bag or a backpack and heading off to school. We’re well into the second generation of kids who have grown up in the computer age students for whom a computer is as necessary as pencils were for their grandparents. Computers have become a necessity for students and for most that means a laptop.

So, whether you’re in graduate school or grade school you might find yourself in the market for a laptop and, therefore interested in finding the best possible back to school laptop deals.

A few things to keep in mind

Before you head to town or go online to find the best deal you can on the laptop computer that you’ll use to get the most out of the upcoming school year here are some factors you’ll want to keep in mind.

  • Don’t let bargain hunting become settling for inadequate.
    Before you start shopping make a list of the features your
    new laptop needs to have. For example, will you be using it
    for research and writing papers? Then you’ll want to find
    a laptop that is fast enough for you to keep up with your


  • Your school may have specific requirements for your computer.
    if you’re in college this is what growing up is all about; it’s your
    responsibility to know these things. If you buy the wrong type of
    laptop it won’t matter how good a bargain you found: you’ll still
    regret the money you wasted.


  • It’s not just about knowing about technology. Bargain hunting is
    pretty much the same no matter what type of product or service
    you are looking for. People who find the best bargains are patient,
    persistent, and above all do their research.

So where should I look for a bargain laptop computer?

It’s likely you’ll find your new laptop in one of three venues: online, in a box store, or in a small local computer store. Each venue has its own advantages. If you can find a good bargain at a local store you might get superior service if that should be needed. On the other hand, many box stores that specialize in technological products also provide very reliable customer service. Online shopping for anything has the advantage of convenience. At first glance it might seem like this is the way to go. The problem is this; even though you might purchase the same back to school laptop for your student at Amazon as at Walmart you can’t examine the specific item before purchase when you buy it online. Often this doesn’t matter because return policies at vendors like Amazon are fair and honored. It wouldn’t matter in this case either if it wasn’t for the fact, let’s face it, that you’re down to the wire. The last thing you want is to be two days into classes and have to ship your new laptop back.

Large brick and mortar merchants may be the best bet.

For many people, purchasing items online may be such an integral part of them at this point that the risk of having to ship something back simply seems too remote to make up for the inconvenience of actually having to go into a store. Still, large box stores may be the best choice overall as the place to look for a back to school laptop.
A recent laptop mag article mentions BestBuy as an example of a store that is currently offering good deals. The same article also points out that bargains aren’t just available for retailers. Lenovo and Apple are both examples of manufacturers that are targeting the student market. Online vendors want to get in on the fun the traditional stores and the computer companies are having so bargains can also be found at places like Amazon and Newegg. In fact, the laptop mag article points out that all sorts of bargains on technological equipment can be found at the Newegg student store.

Don’t forget to mention you’re a student.

In some cases, prices will be marked down just because it’s that time of year. Some merchants may offer discounts specifically to students. So, if possible, find out where those are and factor that into your decision about where to shop. If you don’t have time at this point to do the research required to find out if a student discount is offered, just ask.
Time is running out. school is about to start. Make your decision and buy the best laptop you can at the best price possible. Then buckle down and study hard. The world is counting on you.

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