Toshiba Satellite C55-C5241 Review: Why the C55 is perfect for its price

Forget space and concentrate on the real frontier which is the under $500 laptop market. Here, retailers try to match or even cut the prices of Netbook and Chromebook while still being able to deliver fully-fledged replacement of the desktop computers. Some consumers even refer to it as a sub-$500 deal for a perfect, sleek 15.6” Toshiba Satellite C55-C5241 machine. And please take note that there are no trade-offs here since consumers get a massive 1TB hard drive, 8GB RAM, Windows 10 pre-installed, and of cause the latest in 5th Generation Intel Core i5processor.


Toshiba Satellite C55-C5241 Review

The looks

This is obviously a step towards the right direction as far as that price is concerned. This machine packs solid components with practical looks at a price that makes sense. If you just need a laptop for doing the job at a good price, this should be your perfect choice since the power it yields with its battery life is sufficient enough to accommodate your home-office requirements. In other words, it was created for the small-to-medium size business market.

The C55 comes dressed up in a new, modern-textured resin finish which is in matte black. This automatically gives the laptop a premium appearance. The dimensions and overall weight are also quite moderate, making it lighter than most of its competitor.

Being a utilitarian laptop, you’ll find a good selection of useful ports on the sides. USB 3.0 and 2.0 ports are covered. There are an HDMI output, an SD card reader slot and an Ethernet jack. Wireless connectivity and Bluetooth v 4.0 is also present. Nothing limits you with this laptop as far as connectivity is concerned.


Main features

The Intel Core i5-5200U, coupled with 8GB RAM and Mobile Intel HD5500 graphic card all make the user experience with the laptop amazing. You also realize that such configuration is identical to the most expensive business-class Tobisha brand of laptops on Amazon.

The C55 handles daily activities fairly well, thanks to the inbuilt Intel Turbo Boost Technology. This technology guarantees smooth multitasking, excellent visuals and many more.

As for the storage space, you get an amazing 1000GB Hard drive. We know that hard drives aren’t that fast compared to solid-state drives or SSD. But since this is a budget desktop replacement, this is one disadvantage that you will have to undergo.

Nevertheless, 1000GB is more than enough space to store your media content like movies, videos, songs, games and anything else you can think of.

Other features

Expert reviewers say graphics performance isn’t top notch. However, the machine still promises clear than average visuals for those concerned with movies, gaming, and other multitasking functions.

The laptop still offers decent frame rate for those who love gaming. However, for the hardcore gamers out there, there’s a hint of disappointment especially now that the graphics won’t be anywhere near the 4K quality. Therefore, moderate to hardcore gamers are advised to dial down the settings and avoid expecting flawless performance where heavy-duty gaming is concerned.

The battery life is also very generous since it lasts 6 hours, 13 minutes on most battery rundown tests. This is also more than enough to last you a cross-country flight.

The resolution of the screen might seem limited especially if you’re running a web development business. However, it’s sufficient enough for clerical workers who only deal with Word and PowerPoint. Again, you won’t find a touchscreen feature with this laptop. But this is not important since the laptop already has the latest in Windows OS offers, and that is Windows 10.

The C55 has a non-backlit keyboard, though some keys still feel flat or mushy than the ones found on this model and if you compare the space bar to the wide keyboard deck, you realize that its limited size looks a little awkward.

However, you shouldn’t be worried by these limitations since the deficiency is compensated by the convenience of a full 10-key numeric keypad.


Sometimes the price of a high-end business laptop is too high for the average consumer. And when this is the case, the option of going for a laptop such as the Toshiba Satellite C55-C5241 looks irresistible. With a brand-new powerful processor, long battery life, Windows 10 preloaded, and other business-friendly features, the C55 still outshines its competitors by a margin.

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