Best Research Sites for Cheap Laptops

The only thing more important when you are a student than getting good grades is saving money wherever, and whenever, you can. Markets change quickly, and computer markets, sales, companies, features, and styles are absolutely no different, and perhaps even slightly more frenetic than any other sector. The other issue is we drop things, break them, they are stolen, have water damage, or otherwise just fail to work anymore. Nothing lasts forever, and electronics are no different. That being said, knowing where to go to get solid reviews before making a costly investment is important. The other thing is we need to forget what we know, and what our last experience was, and embrace all that is new when shopping for a laptop computer. Smart shoppers that know what they need, and do a lot of research, can eventually get what they require at a fair price. has long been a venerated source for finding reviews on everything we like to buy. They famously report their findings without bias. It costs $6.95 for access for one month or $30 for an entire year. For many consumers, this is their bible they consult before making any purchases. Consumer Reports was founded on the notion that finding impartial recommendations on products was largely elusive. They test numerous products in each sector and report those findings. This might be the best place to start your research before buying a laptop. From here you can go to Amazon, read reviews of people who have already bought the laptop you are interested in, and then be able to make a fully-informed decision thereafter.

The obvious place to start when wanting to find out what users are saying about a product is Here you can search the reviews and see what others are saying. That is strictly a jumping-off point, however. If you ever suspected they only show you what they want you to see, or your “negative” review of an item has been rebuffed by Amazon, for just about no reason at all, then you are likely suspicious of the reviews they publish. The best thing to do is start at Consumer Reports if you don’t mind paying the fee or to avoid paying a fee, start at Amazon and find a few laptops of interest. After finding a few models of interest, you can then go to a number of other sources looking to corroborate your initial findings uncovered on Amazon.


A good place to go after Amazon is They nicely offer up clear reviews on each computer, summarizing the key features, and also the market price, which is normally from Amazon. They may not have information on the laptop you are looking for in particular, but they do research the best in each category. Keeping an open mind is important when buying laptops. Although your heart might be set on a particular model, there well could be another at a better price that suits your needs. is another site where you can find research on most anything, and in the case of laptop computers for students, they normally issue a report annually in early August. With students heading back to school in September, this is a great site to bookmark, so as to make it easy to find the following year when your student will likely need a new computer once again. Another new site that does a nice job researching and delivering the results of laptop searches is, especially for budget laptops. Here, again, consumers will find laptop reviews of the best computers on the market.



Neither of these sites off end-user reviews, but using these sites, in conjunction with end-user reviews on the likes of Amazon, will help you build consensus, and thereby separate the wheat from the chaff when shopping for a new laptop. Another source to help you do some research is They review many different models, and they also offer the latest reviews on each.

Everyone is looking to get the most for their money, and for students having laptops that perform well, but that doesn’t break the bank, are key factors. All of these sources can be used to help you sidestep making a mistake, and rather than focus on the latest, hottest model, make a list of what you need from a computer, and then set out finding one. This will help you avoid making costly mistakes on buying laptops with features that go way beyond what you need during the price-sensitive years as a student.

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