Best Laptop Computer Brands for Students Today

Students know that they are going to need certain tools and supplies to help them during their school career. They usually need notebooks for recording information, calculators for completing complex equations and laptops for accessing online classes. Laptops and personal computers are two of the most important items that students will need. Why, because they can perform many of the routine activities that students typically encounter when they are being educated.

Trying to figure out what types of PCs and laptops are the best student PC brand can be very challenging. The following information is designed to help college and high school attendees to figure out the best and cheapest computer models.

Apple MacBooks


Apple MacBooks are among the best laptop computers there are on the market. MacBook laptops are slim in design, light to carry and have an aluminum covering. They have lots of processing speed, plenty of storage space and can be used to take notes, write reports and run various software programs that can aid students in their work. The MacBook keyboards are well designed, the unit has a backlight that will automatically turn on in dark environments and the screen resolution is extremely astonishing. The 2014 and 2015 MacBook models have up to 1.4 GHz of processing speed, 8 GB of memory and 512 GB of HD. Most MacBooks have a 12-hour span of battery life. The units are also sold in the colors gold, silver and space gray.



There are different types of Chromebook models and they are often paired up with different brands. Manufacturers such as Asus, Samsung, Acer and HP all have a version of the Chromebook for sale in their product line up. All Chromebooks are defined by the type of operating system that they run. The Google operating system is used for all Chromebook models. Most of the programs or applications that are featured with Chromebook are based on the cloud. Students will find this feature useful since they can easily access the programs and documents that they will need by simply having an internet connection.

One of the better Chromebook models is known as Chromebook Pixel. This unit features an amazing resolution that will even remain bright when the sun is shining directly onto the screen. Students who like to do their work outdoors will find this benefit very useful. Some Chromebook laptops are designed like hybrid tablet laptops and offer user flexibility and ease of use. Remember that Chrome stands for the operating system that has been included in a particular laptop model. This means that some companies will create powerful laptop hardware units that will run Google’s Chrome OS efficiently and effectively. Chromebooks are a great choice for a student laptop model.

Microsoft Based Laptop Models


Most of the laptop models on the market today use the Microsoft operating system. Many brands such as Acer, HP, and Dell use Microsoft 8.1 OS. This system can be configured for touchscreen operations or it can be used with a keyboard and mouse. Students can access some great programs that will help them out tremendously while they are in class. Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Publisher are three great tools that can be used by students to write dissertations and to display in class reports. Depending on the model, a Microsoft based laptop typically has 2 GHz of processing speed, 4 GB of RAM and at least 250 GB of HD. These specs provide students with more than enough power to complete most educational tasks.

Keep in mind that computer companies such as Acer, Dell, and HP all have dependable laptop models that can be used for school-related purposes. Some of these models include the Acer Aspire series and the Dell Inspiron line. HP has its Stream-based computers and Lenovo has its Yoga models. These laptops provide more than enough power, function, and features to make schoolwork a breeze.

Also, most of these units are affordable. Some of the newer laptop models such as the Apple line can be somewhat expensive. Cheap student computers can be purchased second hand. Do not forget that all computers including laptops depreciate very quickly which means that students should be able to find an affordable and dependable used model if they have to go this route.

Students can go online to check out some of the best laptop models on the market today. Some really great sites such as PC magazine provide great laptop reviews for consumers.

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